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Life is meant to be lived. In a quest for epicurean lifestyle, we have a team of professionals in music entertainment, wine connoisseurs, educators and event management, renowned to curate one –of –a kind experiences, tailored to personal desires.

Passionate in Life, Music & Wine, we are expert in delivering highly creative, bespoke events that allows you to engage and connect with your guests and loved ones with lasting memories. From private home party, birthday, wedding, milestones celebration to corporate events, etc. making it hassle free in organizing unforgettable events.

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Corporate Wine Tasting Events & Training

We host Wine/ Sake/ Whisky tasting events in collaborations with wine labels, restaurants and wine educators for private gatherings or corporate functions. From wine theme selections, food pairing, venue, wine educators, beverage management to sommelier service, we have it all to let you have a great wine tasting experiences!


Corporate Team Building - Percussion Jamming

  • Participants enter the conference room where rhythmic jamming is happening by the MusicToss team.

  • Each participant will be distributed with a Latin percussion instruments guided with a special rhythm when they enter into the room.

  • Leaded by a professional percussionist and facilitator, these individuals will be taken into an unforgettable musical journey where they are moulded from playing different rhythm and being orchestrated into a unify latin rhythmic piece. Teamwork is achieved with high dynamic and interaction.


Private Events

Music Entertainment

Lead by a professional Afro-Cuban Musician with over 20 years of experience in music productions and performance with international concerts and shows, we provide bespoke and stunning live music performance and entertainment, from classic, jazz, pop, latin or drumming with DJ, etc to enhance your event! 

Our talented event management team can support the end-to-end curation and delivery of bespoke, hightouch, and perfectly executed experiences for either corporate or private events. 

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